The Cover of BareBackMagazine's March 2014 which selected me as their featured poet.
The Cover of BareBackMagazine’s March 2014 issue which selected me as their featured poet.


cover_jpgUtah Sport Climbing: Stories and Reflections on the Bolting of the Beehive State, forthcoming March 2017 from The History Press.

“Not much drives passionate debate in Utah more than public land use. And sport climbing is securely tethered to that controversy as more thrill seekers gear up each year to ascend the state’s geological wonders. From the bolt wars in Moab to the frenzied route development in American Fork Canyon, Utah remains central in the evolution of the sport. With over sixty interviews and a healthy dose of humor, Climber and author Darren M. Edwards tracks the spirit, ethos and feats of bolters who have led the way since the 1980s.”

Opinion Column (and Editorials) at The Independent:

Macklemore, privilege, and where white people fit in the discussion of racism
The Power of Angst

The Uncomfortable relationship between sex and violence in America
10 lessons I won’t teach my son

So you want to change the world? God and Satan have shown you the way

Five inconsequential things I have irrationally strong opinions about
The fine art of holding doors
Let’s stop pretending identity is a simple concept

How Veyo Pool became an international climbing destination
Why we need the concept of a white community now more than ever
DSU’s statement on the Davenport verdict causes strong reactions, and it should
Why live in Southern Utah?
What the #yesallmen hashtag should mean
Sitting in Holy Places
Diversity in St. George shown by candlelight

The Journey to Healthier Living (column for The Independent)







News Stories at The Independent:

Tuesday’s Democratic and Republican Utah primary results

DOVE center event “Breaking the Silence Through Story Telling” sells out

Bernie Sanders visits Utah March, 18

Kimball Dee Barlow, final suspect in FLDS fraud case, turns himself in

First case of Zika virus in Utah identified by CDC

Update on FLDS leaders’ indictments, plus social media reaction

Warren Jeff’s brother and 11 others arrested

Vigil at BLM calls for independent investigation of LaVoy Fincum shooting


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Select Press Releases:

St. George News, May (2014). Web.
“Poetry Team Makes National Competition”

Southern Utah Independent, January (2017). Web and Print. “Elise Mitchell Coaching offers yoga teacher training in 2017

Southern Utah Independent, December (2016). Web. “Celebrate the end of 2016 at Zion Canyon Brew Pub with live music from Catfish John”

Southern Utah Independent, December (2016). Web and Print. “Start the new year in downtown St. George”

Dixie State University Writing Center/Storm the Mic (2012). Web and Print. “Storm the Mic, Tuesday nights weekly”

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