_MG_8558_BWI am a writer whose work has been published on telephone poles and in University literary journals, I have performed my poetry and prose in front of audiences as small as one (my mom makes a great crowd…and cookies) and as large as 500+ people on a national stage.*

The first photos I ever took were with a Quaker Oats canister that I’d turned into a camera. I spent years as a skate punk kid documenting the best tricks and skaters I could surround myself with (my friends). Later, I would spend years doing photo journalism. My first book of photography and writing was published in early 2017 by The History Press. It explores the early sport climbing culture in Utah. I love bringing out a subject’s soul in a portrait or creating images that connect to someone’s soul with my abstract and pop photography prints.**

For a kid who scraped through high school on a diet of Ds, I somehow ended up as an educator. I spent seven years teaching at the University level (three at Utah State University and four at Dixie State University). For a  couple of years I left education to mess around in the world of publishing where I served as the Editor in Chief for The Creative and later the Managing Editor for The Southern Utah Independent.

Honestly, I never thought I would return to teaching, but when a good friend approached me about teaching at a college prep charter school with a unique and progressive philosophy, I couldn’t say no. So, currently, in addition to my professional writing and photography work, I am thrilled to teach language arts and photography to a beautifully diverse gaggle of weirdos at St. George Academy in Washington, Utah.***


*My full publication history can be found on my Writing page. While a full list of my performance history isn’t available online, I can provide one upon request.

**My photography has been published by or is forthcoming in: The Sonder Review, The Tishman Review, Jaamzin Creative Magazine, The Southern Utah Independent, The Creative, The History Press, and Scribendi.

***I have also taught nearly 100 individual workshops or master classes. If you would like to schedule a workshop or master class (with or without a performance) email me at

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