Southern Utah Grand Slam Champion (performance poetry) 2014.

Bill Ruesch Cosmic Awareness Award, Utah State Poetry Society. Spring 2010.

Charlotte and Eugene England Personal Essay Award, Association for Mormon Letters. August 2008.

Judge, Brandon Schrand’s comments:

“I was drawn to this essay for the same reasons I am drawn to any well-crafted, beautifully imagined essay. There is a special care given to language and music which are nearly as important–and in rare cases even more important–than the subject matter at hand. I’m also drawn to essays that demonstrate complexity and an intellectual capacity on the writer’s part to negotiate that complexity effectively and evocatively. Last, I admire essays that cast out from that lonely island of the singular first person experience as a method of engaging the larger world. In “Psalm of a Heretic,” we are treated to an interwoven rumination on the life of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the French philosopher, Jesuit priest, and scientist. This rumination serves as the jumping off point for the essay as well as a context that allows the writer to make the leap from “what does all this mean to me?” to “what does all this mean to all of us?” That kind of broader awareness, coupled with a rigorous, imaginative prose, makes this essay a delightful, thoroughly engaging read.”


Third Place, Graduate Art and Photography, Utah State University. April 2009.

Honorable Mention, Logan Canyon Photography Contest, Stokes Nature Center. February 2009.


new graffiti: Literature on the Streets, Best of Utah, Staff Choice Winner, Salt Lake City Weekly. 2011.


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